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icon Dental Braces - Orthodontic Treatment

This treatment is highly useful to set misaligned teeth at the right place.

Fixing Braces is a common practise to reduce the gaps & spacing between teeth and thereby helping you to regain your original smile.

Teeth may grow in an incorrect position or in any awkward direction and result in crowding or overlapping over one another. This may happen due to number of factors like;

  1. Gap created by premature fall of a primary tooth during childhood. Subsequent Adjacent teeth may
    grow in an improper direction.
  2. Tooth Damaged due to some accident
  3. After the tooth extraction or due to missing teeth
  4. Dental Arch being too small
  5. If, teeth themselves are larger than normal
  6. Improper shape of a jaw; etc.

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If you find any discrepancies within your (or your child’s) teeth or jaw alignment like twisted or bent teeth, misaligned teeth, crowding or overlapping of teeth, you may probably need an orthodontic treatment. Steps taken early, saves you from further problems.

The type of braces to be fixed (metal or ceramic) will depend on case to case and will be decided after detailed discussion. Usually a baby is treated with removable appliances just to adjust the size of jaw bone as may be needed and braces are not used on baby teeth.

Main Advantages of Orthodontic Treatment

  1. Straight and Perfectly aligned teeth for a perfect smile
  2. Improves your looks and self esteem
  3. Cures your cross-bite problem
  4. Will be able to Chew Better
  5. Reduces the problems of tooth decay, if proper oral hygiene is maintained
  6. Removes the problem of overcrowding thereby resulting in relaxed gums and teeth
  7. Increase in confidence

The period of this treatment (varies from 6 to 36 months) as well as techniques to be applied, mainly depends upon the age of a patient, severity of the problem, co-operation by the patient as well as the speed of teeth in which they adapt, move and adjust themselves naturally.

Cost of the Treatment ?
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