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icon Crowns and BridgeWork


Crowns are best capable to re-instate your damaged tooth. Usually placed after Dental Implants or after the Root Canal Treatment, Crowns can restore your original tooth, making it functional and operational as a natural tooth.
The cavity being filled up is now safe from contamination. Restoring the damaged tooth to its original form and dimension, it helps the weakened tooth to last longer and function normally.


Bridges act as an alternative to your natural tooth when you have lost one or multiple tooth. They best serve as artificial tooth replacing the lost ones.Bridges recommended when there are gaps created with teeth loss. This may subsequently result in factors like, imbalance for adjacent teeth, susceptibility to oral disorders and gum disease.

Fully Comfortable Dentures - is what you have gifted us. Now, We are able to eat and drink regularly without any problems.
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Once Bridgework is complete, it facilitates your chewing and biting abilities and added benefits like restoration in confidence, better smile and prevents gliding of adjoining teeth.
Being fixed in nature, they last long. The only required thing after crowning and bridging is just a proper care of your oral hygiene like

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