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1.    How to avoid Bad Breathe?
You can avoid bad breathe through regular brushing and flossing your teeth. Use soft bristled tooth brush and flossing pad available at Dentist’s office. Flossing helps to clean up any developed plaque or bacteria in between your teeth. In case you can’t find the solution to the problem, it might indicate, that there are some bacterial growth within your mouth. Visit your dentist and get it checked up.

2.    How to Take Care of Oral Hygiene?
While Regular Brushing and Flossing are need, other factors to be considered are: avoid tobacco and/or other stuff which may be harmful for your health. Do visit a Dentist at-least twice a year.

3.    How to Clean up Braces
Use the soft bristled tooth brush to clean up the braces. Brush at-least twice a day. In case of emergency, contact your dentist

4.    How to Clean up the Dentures?
Clean up the dentures with special cleaning tablets provided to you by your dentist. Keep them soaked in water, when not in use. Your dentist will instruct you about the proper cleaning and brushing technique.

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5.    How to deal with Sensitive Teeth
If you find that your teeth are highly sensitive while consuming hot or cold food/drinks (like ice-cream, tea, etc.), check two things:

a.    Whether any cavity is developed within any of your tooth?
b.    Whether there is any contamination of tooth or gum which is easily visible?

If yes, contact your dentist immediately. If no, then try brushing twice daily for few days. This might solve your problem. If the need is felt, visit a dentist.
Usually, high sensitivity may be because of bacterial deposits developing around the tooth and gums. It may result in Periodontal Disease, if timely decision is not taken. Your Dentist can prescribe relevant medications or treatment as the case may be.

6.    Can my teeth be whitened at home?
Yes, with the help of teeth whitening kit available at the Dentist’s Office.

7.    What if a Dentist Prescribes Antibiotics?
If your Dentist feels the need to prescribe you with any antibiotic medicines, please follow him. This is for your wellness and to avoid further problems. If you have any doubt, discuss the matter with him.

8.    Can oral bacteria cause problems to any other body parts?
Yes, if the oral disease is not treated properly, the bacteria may enter the main bloodstream causing ailments to different parts of the body.

9.    What is the best diet for oral health care?
A balanced diet containing Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium and Protein is required for healthy teeth and gums.

10.     Is Dental Planning important for children?
Yes, It is important to get your child’s teeth check-up by a dentist on a regular basis. This is to ensure, that future problems leading to major dental treatments can be avoided.

11.     Are Dental Treatments Painful?
No, Not every treatment. Some may cause little discomfort, yet with the latest technology and equipments, it is comparatively less painful.