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icon Dental Implants

Replace Your Missing Teeth – It has a significant effect on your overall health.

Loss of teeth leads to

  • reduction in chewing ability
  • damage to supporting structure of adjacent and opponent teeth - I.e. crowding, tipping and early loss
    of adjacent tooth
  • poor appearance
  • speech problems
  • reduction in self esteem

So missing teeth must be replaced either by removable or fixed prosthesis or by implants.
Implants can be considered as one of the best available alternative to your missing natural teeth and with the help of new innovations and technological advancements, you can now live a life that you wanted to live and, eat what you were missing.

Dr. Tirath does the treatment with very Gentle and Caring hand and so it seems quite Smooth and Painless. Would Definately recommend him.
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What is Dental Implant?
Implant serves as a foundation to which tooth crown, bridge or denture is attached. It is fixed within your jaw-bone and acts as a root to the replacement tooth.

Following Benefits are accrued with Dental Implants

As a patient, you may have some doubts regarding implant treatment, but not to hesitate, as, it can be the most practical, effective and beneficial step that you are choosing for your oral care.
Subsequent Points may clarify your initial doubts. However, if you have further queries, please feel free to contact us.

To, know more or to fix an appointment, contact us.