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icon Dental Jewellery

Want to be unique?
You can decorate your teeth with a dental jewel to give you sparking and dazzling smile.

Dental Jewel is especially a gem (a diamond or any other stone), stuck to your tooth with the help of a bonding agent.

Main Features

  1. The main advantage is that it neither has any side effects nor any pain.
  2. Once your tooth is cleaned and polished, the jewel is attached to it. It does not cause any damage to your enamel.
  3. In case you want to change or remove it in future, it is possible to do so without any consequences.
  4. It is long lasting. However, avoid putting pressure or stress on the jewel or the related tooth, it may
    get detached. In such a case do contact us. We can get it re-attached.

Not all, but few opt for this to have distinctiveness.

Located in the heart of the city, very well accessible. Found Dr. Tirath to be very friendly, compassionate and dedicated towards patient.
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Can I opt for dental jewel ?

Anyone who desires his/her smile to decorate with jewel can opt for it. Dental jewel can be attached to healthy, well shaped and well positioned tooth. You can decide which type of jewel you want and on which tooth. The tooth you choose must be healthy. Optionally, we can also help you out in choosing the right jewel and the tooth to which it can be attached, based on your looks, skin color and appearance.
This can devise a wonderful smile. It can be an innovative and a noteworthy decision affecting your looks. Hence, if prepared mentally about receiving miscellaneous remarks from your friends and colleagues, you can best choose what you like or desire.

Nevertheless, one thing to keep in mind is to have a proper consultation in regards to maintain a proper oral hygiene.

Don’t worry, we are for you. Just Contact Us.