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icon Dentures

Get the Best Quality and Perfect Fitting Dentures.
We make every effort to provide you with Strong and Long Lasting Dentures, best
  suiting your Needs and your Appearance.

Dentures may be partial or complete as the case may be.

Partial for those who have lost multiple teeth, but not all, and;
Complete Dentures for those who have lost all the teeth.

With us, You will regain Confidence, Can have an aesthetic looks and with the quality which we provide, it would be easier for you to clean and maintain your dentures easily.  
Now, you can eat what you like without any discomfort.

General Things to keep in Mind

1.    Keep your dentures soaked in normal water, when not in use
2.    Take out the dentures at night to get your gums and underlying tissues relaxed.
3.    Clean them regularly, to avoid any contamination or mouth odour
4.    Just handle with little care keeping away from children and pets.

In case of any need or guidance, do contact us.

A Pleasing Environment, a Friendly Doctor, Best Hygienic Equipments and Affordable Fees. Very Satisfied with my Root Canal Treatment.
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