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icon Periodontal Surgery

Most of the people take proper care of oral hygiene by regularly brushing and cleaning the teeth. However, some do not. A thin film of bacteria is formed on a regular basis around the teeth, which if not properly cleaned up on daily basis, may result to Periodontal Disease. It occurs when the bacterial deposits reach deep down through gums to tooth root. In some cases, it becomes severe that other dental equipments become incapable of curing the same, and in that case, the Periodontal Surgery has to be done.

How is it done?
The gums are unfolded from the tooth until the tooth root is perfectly visible. Thereafter, the bacterial film surrounding the tooth is cleaned up to the root and; only if necessary bone grafting is carried out. Then Gum is closed back followed by proper dressing.

Points to take care after the Surgery:
  1. Regular Cleaning of Mouth to avoid bacterial formation is required.
  2. Sensitivity may rise for some time. In case of emergency, do contact us.
  3. Periodic Visits is necessary.

It may seem that this surgery is painful and may cause little discomfort in post surgery period, but with our latest technologies and proper medications, we try our best to make the task easier for you.

Kindly Contact Us to Know More.

My little Dental Sessions with Dr. Tirath gave me a complete idea about the competency and features he carries, making me but obvious to select him as a dentist to my all future oral healthcare.
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