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icon Root Canal Treatment

We can save your natural tooth making it healthier and prevent it from recontamination.
You can be free from oral cavities and subsequent infections.

RCT Recommended, when;

  1. You are experiencing an acute pain in your tooth
  2. You observe pain or severe sensitivity on consumption of hot liquids or sweets or cold food.
  3. You find difficult to chew or bite something
  4. Inflammation or Swelling occurs around your tooth

If you observe any of such symptoms , do consider us and let us examine the exact problems and relative procedures. The decision can be made after referring your needs, desires as well as your medical history and/or allergic effects if any. 

In simple language, the tooth canals are cleaned up and cured from infection and subsequently the fillings are done to avoid further tooth decay, thereby your natural tooth is saved and there is no further need to extract it. Such a healthy tooth can last long even throughout your life.

Dr. Tirath is a very concerned dentist I've ever seen. He completely understands patient’s needs and desires and is best capable to eliminate our fears and nervousness.
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The infection bacteria reach the dental pulp majorly through the cavity in the tooth. This dental pulp contains the blood vessels and nerves. However, once infected, there are usually two options:

  1. To either extract the infected or contaminated tooth and clean up the infection; Or
  2. To conduct Root Canal Treatment and clean up the canals of the root, remove the infected pulp followed by dental fillings to save the affected tooth from further disease

This can be discussed in detail with the dentist and thereby take the right decision.

An ongoing belief about this treatment being painful is not so simply true, as it depends upon the type and acuteness of infection lying within. When compared to other dental treatments, Root Canal Treatment is similarly painless and simple, because it is facilitated with new technologies.

The Success of this Treatment is well seen and experienced.

Here at Keona Dental Clinic we ensure in every aspect that your treatment seems trouble-free to you.

Kindly contact us for any queries or to seek an Appointment.