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icon Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are used to fill cavity, which occur after removal of dental decay
  Or; To repair minor cracks.

With the advancement in technology as well as with the availability of the best usable stuff in dental care, fillings can be done using silver or other composite materials. Fillings are of varied types and the number of visits required depends upon which type of filling has to be done.

Both silver and composite fillings have their respective advantages.

Benefits of Silver Amalgam Fillings

  1. Easy to handle and placed into cavity of any type, size or shape.
  2. It has a good strength, hence can easily withstand chewing forces
  3. Single Sitting Treatment
  4. Repairable and long lasting
  5. Economical

Dr. Tirath is very friendly, compassionate and caring. Delivers Good and Satisfactory Results.
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Composite Fillings: Benefits of Composite Fillings

  1. Composite filling does not require over cutting of tooth. Only removal of decay/ defect is enough before placing it. So, tooth loss is minimal.
  2. It is tooth colored and can blend easily in any shape- so simulate natural tooth shape and color. So it is aesthetic.
  3. They bond to your existing teeth making them stronger.

It can be decided upon a proper consultation, whether which type of filling suits your needs.

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