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icon Tooth Whitening

Get Shining Bright Teeth
Smile with Confidence.....

Sometimes, all what is required is only a simple tooth whitening treatment, which can gift you with a desired wonderful smile.

Following products may affect the texture and color of teeth, making them darker and leaving stains on them.

  1. Tea and Coffee
  2. Wine
  3. Soft Drinks
  4. Smoking and Tobacco Products
  5. Pan Masala (Usually Consumed by Many in India)
  6. Certain Antibiotics (like tetracycline), etc.

Dr. Tirath does the treatment with very Gentle and Caring hand and so it seems quite Smooth and Painless. Would Definately recommend him.
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Not limited to the above, few other factors like advancement of age, irregular brushing of teeth may also affect the tooth color. Keona dental clinic based in Vadodara offers you a secure and effective tooth whitening and bleaching treatment.

Optionally, you can also opt for “at-home kits” available at our office. It contains complete instructions of “How to use it”. Usually, “tooth whitening and bleaching” is a single visit treatment which has a long term effect, depending upon the severity of the discoloration and upon your lifestyle. The benefits are great as it helps to boost up the confidence levels and to smile flawlessly.

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