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icon Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth within your mouth.

Unfortunately sometimes, it happens that Wisdom teeth are not able to grow harmonically in alignment to adjacent teeth.

Due to this, following cases may happen requiring its extraction.

  1. Severe Pain, Swelling and Infection in the gums
  2. Other Oral problems if it grows partially due to insufficient space within your jaw
  3. Might grow any side, forward, backward or side-wards leading to uneasiness within your mouth
  4. Damage and subsequent infection of adjacent teeth
  5. Leads to oral cavities.

And, to avoid further problems, it is recommended to get it extracted. It may seem to cause you discomfort, but local anaesthesia, antibiotics and modern technologies aid to its convenient accomplishment. However, we will make decision only after thorough discussion with you.

Located in the heart of the city, very well accessible. Found Dr. Tirath to be very friendly, compassionate and dedicated towards patient.
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First of all local or general anaesthesia (if more than one tooth to be removed) is given to the patient to numb the area of such a tooth which needs to be extracted. Subsequently the tooth is removed and thereafter the stitches are made. After the time being, the stitches are either dissolved or removed as the case may be. Use of cotton is made to cover the wound if any to stop bleeding.

Proper medications will be prescribed which aid to fast relief and cure.

After the Treatment

We will assist you the best methods which can give you relief after the treatment.

Call us now for further assistance.